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Progress surf school is a school for all levels composed of passionate teachers. They share their experience and skills with their students. According to the conditions they change the location of the surf classes. You can surf from Ericeira to santa cruz. Of course they come pick you up and take you back at the hostel. Most of the time at the end of the week they post photos of your performance on their Facebook page and organize also dinners !

                                                                         ALL LEVELS PACKAGES: Click on more info


35 euros the lesson

30 euros more the lesson if you take more than 1 leson

All material and insurance included

progress 3

You want to get a stand up paddle experience ?

Ericeira Sup is for you !

These experiences include all levels. The teacher is here to advise you and help you to progress. Ericeira Sup propose to their students different ways to enjoy the water. You can Learn on a river, make the tour of the world surfing reserve, ride some waves, practice yoga on the paddle, and much more...

                                                               PACKAGES AND EXPERIENCES: click on more info


30 euros 

per session

All material and insurance included

paddle 2
paddle 3

Five deep breaths yoga teaches Ashtanga and Yin Yoga Classes at Boardriders Quiksilver Ericeira. If you are a group we organise also some courses in the garden of the hostel. This is for all levels. Nadia, the teacher, will help you to improve your skills !

                                                                          PACKAGES: click on more info

Tuesday: 7-8pm (Yin)

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 11am-12pm (Ashtanga)


12 euros 

1 class


MONIKA'S MOBILE MASSAGE is represented by Monika ;).

She works on the people according on what she feels. With her sweet hands, she does soften massages and works on every parts of the body. This service is really good when you come back from surf or yoga if you need to relax for 1 hour or 1h30. 

                                                                            WANT TO KNOW MORE ? click on more info


35 euros 1 hour

45 euros 1 h 30 

massage 3

THE TOURISM AROUND the hostel is varied and cultural.

The hostel is in a warm and familiar village called Ribamar. At 3 kms, Ericeira, a bigger fisherman's village. Access possible by foot ! There, you can find good restaurants, bars shops and meet some great people.

The principal attractions are:

MAFRA: The palace of Mafra and its huge park. Paintball and adventure park also.

15 mins by car.

SINTRA: The magical and Mystic city where there is the Pena palace and the castle.

The city is one of the most unavoidable ! 25 mins by car.

OBIDOS: The medieval city. Possible to walk on the battlements to make the tour of the city. Shows, like at the medieval period. Atypic one ! 1h by car.

NAZARE: This is the spot for huge waves. The world record for the biggest wave ever surfed is in Nazaré ! 1h30 by car.

CABO DA ROCA: The westernmost point on the European mainland with awesome wild beaches around. 1h15 by car.

LISBON: This a city of culture, with great monuments and architecture, expos, Nice streets with shops, bars and good restaurants. Note: the city by walk is much more beautiful with all its details... 30 mins by car.

                                                                            WANT TO KNOW MORE ? click on more info

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